2010 Development and Media Publications and Resources

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières Ten Stories That Mattered in Access to Medicines in 2010 (December 29, 2010)

Nuhu Ribadu Show Me the Money: Leveraging Anti–Money Laundering Tools to Fight Corruption in Nigeria (Center for Global Development, December 28, 2010)

International Crisis Group North Korea: The Risks of War in the Yellow Sea (Asia Report N°198; Media release December 23, 2010)

International Crisis Group Northern Nigeria: Background to Conflict (Africa Report N°168; Media release December 20, 2010)

US Department of State Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (December 17, 2010)

Tony Blair Not Just Aid: How Making Government Work Can Transform Africa (by Tony Blair) (Center for Global Development press release, speech December 16,17, 2010)

The Economist The Democracy Index 2010: Democracy in retreat ( press release December 13, 2010)

Global Development Finance 2011: External Debt of Developing Countries (December 12, 2010)

Humanitarian Response Index 2010 (press releases December 7, 2010)

ERD, European University Institute European Report on Development (ERD) 2010: Social Protection for Inclusive Development (Press Pack December 7, 2010)

IFAD Rural Poverty Report 2011 - New realities, new challenges: new opportunities for tomorrow's generation (December 6, 2010)

John Simon and Julia Barmeier More than Money: Impact Investing for Development (Center for Global Development, December 6, 2010)

Benjamin Leo Sudan Debt Dynamics: Status Quo, Southern Secession, Debt Division, and Oil (Center for Global Development WP#233, December 6, 2010)

Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010 (press releases December 3, 2010)

UNDP Latin America and the Caribbean: A Biodiversity Superpower (press release, December 2, 2010)

Calestous Juma (contact) The New Harvest (news story; Oxford University Press, December 2010)

Joshua E. Keating / Foreign Policy The Stories You Missed in 2010 (December 2010)

PBS/Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions in Foreign Policy

USAID Famine Early Warning Systems Network Agro-Climatic Monitoring

USAID Famine Early Warning Systems Network Projected Food Assistance Needs for May 2011 (emergency food assistance needs in 2011; November 2010)

UN Final report of the Group of Experts on the DRC (November 29, 2010)

CONCORD EU responsibilities for a just and sustainable world: CONCORD Narrative on Development (November 29, 2010)

International Crisis Group Côte d’Ivoire: Finally Escaping the Crisis? (Africa Report N°77; Media release November 25, 2010)

The Africa Report Africa in 2011: Africa Report country profiles (on sale November 29; The country reports will appear on theafricareport.com later next year)

UNCTAD Least Developed Countries Report 2010 (Press Information November 25, 2010)

UN Habitat State of African Cities 2010 , Governance, Inequalities and Urban Land Markets (press kits, November 23, 2010)

International Crisis Group Negotiating Sudan’s North-South Future (Africa Report N°76; Media release November 23, 2010)

WHO The world health report 2010 - Health systems financing: the path to universal coverage (Press kit November 22, 2010)

Global Financial Integrity The Drivers and Dynamics of Illicit Financial Flows from India: 1948-2008 (press release November 17, 2010)

International Crisis Group Congo: No Stability in Kivu despite Rapprochement with Rwanda (Africa Report N°165, Media release November 16, 2010)

UK-India Business Leaders Climate Group UK-India Collaboration for a Prosperous Low Carbon Economy: Opportunities, Challenges and Recommendations (press release, November 15, 2010)

Nancy Birdsall, Ayah Mahgoub, and William D. Savedoff Cash on Delivery: A New Approach to Foreign Aid (brief) (Center for Global Development, November 15, 2010)

European Commission EU development policy in support of inclusive growth and sustainable development. Increasing the impact of EU development policy. (November 10, 2010)

UNESCO Science Report 2010 (November 10, 2010)

UNDP Human Development Report 2010 - 20th anniversary (news and press releases, "People are healthier, wealthier and better educated" November 4, 2010)

David Roodman and Julie Walz, Center for Global Development Commitment to Development Index 2010 (press release November 4, 2010)

World Economic Forum The Financial Development Report 2010 (News release November 4, 2010)

Irish Aid Hunger Envoy Report (press release, launch speech November 2, 2010)

Rachel Nugent and Andrea B. Feigl Where Have All the Donors Gone? Scarce Donor Funding for Non-Communicable Diseases (Center for Global Development WP#228, November 1, 2010)

UNICEF Children and AIDS: Fifth Stocktaking Report, 2010 (November 2010)

Panos Reporting tax research - Connecting researchers and journalists for improved media coverage and debate in Kenya (press release, November 2010)

David Leary and Balakrishna Pisupati (Eds.) The Future of International Environmental Law (United Nation University (UNU) Press, November 2010)

Anne Geniets, RISJ The Global News Challenge: Assessing changes in international broadcast news consumption in Africa and South Asia (November 2010)

Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2010 (press release October 26, 2010)

Greenpeace Papua New Guinea: Not ready for REDD (October 25, 2010)

TEEB The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity - Mainstreaming the Economics of Nature (synthesis press release [doc] October 20, 2010)

Reporters Without Borders 2010 Press Freedom Index (October 20, 2010)

UNFPA State of World Population 2010 report and press kit (October 20, 2010)

Human Rights Watch Development without Freedom: How Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia (October 19, 2010)

UNCTAD Information Economy Report 2010 (press information October 14, 2010)

UNCTAD 2010 Information Economy Report (overview and press information October 14, 2010)

WWF Living Planet Report 2010 (press release October 13, 2010)

IFPRI, Concern, Welthungerhilfe 2010 Global Hunger Index [PDF] (Concern release, IFPRI press release and press materials, and more information from Welthungerhilfe October 11-12, 2010)

FAO, WFP The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2010: Addressing food security in protracted crises (press release October 6, 2010)

Nancy Birdsall and Homi Kharas Quality of Official Development Assistance Assessment (report) (Center for Global Development, October 5, 2010)

Peter Godwin The Fear: The Last Days of Robert Mugabe (Picador, October 1, 2010; to be published in America by Little, Brown in March 2011 as “The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the Martyrdom of Zimbabwe”)

Mo Ibrahim Foundation 2010 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (press release October 4, 2010)

IMF World Economic Outlook (October 2010)

IMF Global Financial Stability Report (October 2010)

UNDP Unlocking progress: MDG acceleration on the road to 2015 [PDF 4.3 MB] (press release; September 22, 2010)

Red Cross Red Crescent World Disasters Report 2010 - Is urban the new rural? (Press release September 21, 2010)

WFP Revolution: From Food Aid to Food Assistance - Innovations in Overcoming Hunger (blurb September 21, 2010)

UNESCAP, ADP, UNDP Paths to 2015: MDG Priorities in Asia and the Pacific (September 20, 2010)

UNICEF Levels & Trends in Child Mortality (press release September 17, 2010)

UN MDG Gap Task Force Report 2010: The Global Partnership for Development at a Critical Juncture (more information, including press release and factsheet: Where are the gaps?; September 16, 2010)

Steven Radelet with an introduction by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries Are Leading the Way (Center for Global Development, September 16, 2010)

Oxfam Halving Hunger: Still Possible? Building a rescue package to set the MDGs back on track (briefing paper, September 14, 2010)

Joe Humphreys God's Entrepreneurs: How Irish Missionaries Tried to Change the World (New Island, September 10, 2010)

World Economic Forum The Global Competitiveness Report, 2010-2011 (press release September 9, 2010)

Robert D. Kaplan, CNAS South Asia's Geography of Conflict (commentary; September 8, 2010)

UNICEF Narrowing the Gaps to Meet the Goals and Progress for Children: Achieving the MDGs with Equity (press release September 7, 2010)

Irish Aid Annual Report 2009 (September 6, 2010)

DFID DFID in 2009-10 (Annual Report) (revised September 6, 2010)

UNRISD Combating Poverty and Inequality: Structural Change, Social Policy and Politics (September 3, 2010)

European Commission Eurobarometer: Europeans, development aid and the Millennium Development Goals (September 2010)

ECA, AU, AfDB, UNDP Assessing Progress in Africa toward the Millennium Development Goals, 2010 (2010)

ODI Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report Card: Measuring Progress Across Countries (September, 2010)

ECLAC Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Economy 2009 - 2010. A crisis generated in the centre and a recovery driven by the emerging economies (Briefing paper, September 2010)

Frank Dikötter Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962 (Bloomsbury September 2010)

UNEP Dead planet, living planet: Biodiversity and ecosystem restoration for sustainable development (2010)

OECD, IDRC Innovation and the Development Agenda (August 12, 2010)

CJR summer reading list for journalists (August 12, 2010)

Council on Foreign Relations Global Governance Monitor (updated August 11, 2010)

MJ Hicks, ML Burton, CBER Preliminary Damage Estimates for Pakistani Flood Events, 2010 (August, 2010)

UN The MDGs in Europe and Central Asia: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward (August, 2010)

Katerina Kyrili and Matthew Martin, Development Finance International (for Oxfam) The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Budgets of Low-Income Countries (July 29, 2010)

Cindy Prieto and David Roodman, Center for Global Development Twenty Concrete Steps to Improve the United States’ Commitment to Development (July 19, 2010)

Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative and the UNDP Human Development Report Multidimensional Poverty Index (press release, July 14, 2010)

UNDP The path to achieving the MDGs: A synthesis of evidence from around the world (press release; July 13, 2010)

UNAIDS UNAIDS Outlook report 2010 (Full PDF, press release July 13, 2010)

TEEB The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Report for Business (press release July 13, 2010)

Life in Full: The Caine Prize for African Writing 2010 (New Internationalist, July 2010). This collection includes the five 2010 shortlisted stories[PDFs].

OECD Development aid: Net official development assistance (ODA) (July 7, 2010)

Heidi Tavakoli, ODI General budget support and the Millennium Development Goals (Blog July 6, 2010)

OECD-WTO Aid for Trade: Is It Working? (policy brief, July 2, 2010)

OECD Agricultural Policies in OECD Countries (press release; July 1, 2010)

WFP FEED MINDS, CHANGE LIVES: School feeding, the Millennium Development Goals and Girls' Empowerment (July 2010)

US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration State of the Climate in 2009 (July 2010)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Security Assessment, 2010-2020 (July 2010)

Amnesty International The Crumbling State of Health Care in North Korea (July 2010)

ODI Food aid and food assistance in emergency and transitional contexts - A review of current thinking (July 2010)

OECD International Migration Outlook 2010 SOPEMI [PDF] (2010)

European Commission DG Development EU Donor Atlas 2010 (2010)

UN-Habitat State of the World's Cities 2010/2011 - Cities for All: Bridging the Urban Divide (2010)

UN-Habitat Urban World: Ten Years into the millenium (2010)

WHO World Health Statistics 2010 (2010)

Transparency International Africa Education Watch (2010)

Transparency International The good governance challenge: Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco & Palestine (2010)

CONCORD What the official 2008 figures continue to tell us about EC aid and NGOs (July 2010)

IAEA Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems: Further Enhancing the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Regime (2010)

ECLAC Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2009-2010 (July 2010)

European Commission Second revision of Cotonou agreement and related documents (2010)

UN World Economic and Social Survey 2010: Retooling Global Development (Press releases: English, Spanish; June 29, 2010)

European Commission Annual Report 2010 on the European Union's development and external assistance policies and their implementation in 2009 (June 28, 2010)

UNESCO World Social Science Report 2010 : Knowledge Divides (press release; June 25, 2010)

Chinedu Nnadozie Onyejelem News in Black and White: How Black People Feel About Media Representation in Ireland (LAP June 24, 2010)

UN DESA Millennium Development Goals Report 2010 (press release I press release II, June 23, 2010)

UNODC World Drug Report 2010 (press release June 23, 2010)

The Fund for Peace, Foreign Policy 2010 Failed States Index (June 21, 2010)

German Marshall Fund of the United States Background papers on Climate Change and Migration (June 21, 2010)

UNCTAD Economic Development in Africa Report 2010 South-South Cooperation: Africa and the New Forms of Development Partnership (Press Information; June 18, 2010)

UNHCR 2009 Global Trends: Refugees, Asylum-seekers, Returnees, Internally Displaced and Stateless Persons (press release June 15, 2010)

U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report 2010 (June 14, 2010)

Rachel Nugent, Emma Back, and Alexandra Beith, Center for Global Development The Race Against Drug Resistance (Jun 14, 2010)

European Commission Council conclusions on the Millennium Development Goals for the United Nations High-Level Plenary meeting in New York and beyond (June 14, 2010)

CONCORD Penalty against Poverty: More and Better EU aid can score Millennium Development Goals [Zip] (press release [Doc], June 10, 2010)

ILO Don't waste the crisis: Critical perspectives for a new economic model (June 9, 2010)

Vision of Humanity Global Peace Index 2010 (June 8, 2010)

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) SIPRI YearbooK 2010 (press release June 2, 2010)

European Commission Key deliverables of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (June 1, 2010)

Jenny C. Aker and Isaac M. Mbiti, Center for Global Development Mobile Phones and Economic Development in Africa - Working Paper 211 (Jun 1, 2010)

McKinsey Global Institute Lions on the move: The progress and potential of African economies (June 2010)

UNHCR Global Report 2009 (June 2010)

UNDP What Will It Take to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals? An International Assessment (June 2010)

WFP Hunger and Climate Change (June 2010)

Panos Research makes the news - Strengthening media engagement with research to influence policy (June 2010)

UNECA, AfDB, and AU Assessing Regional Integration In Africa: Enhancing Intra-African Trade (June 2010)

UNECE, UNECA, UNESCAP, UNECLAC, ESCWA Financing Global Climate Change Mitigation(June 2010)

UNECOSOC Overview Of The Economic And Social Conditions In Africa 2010 (June 2010)

UN Statistics Division World Statistics Pocketbook 2009 (June, 2010)

Claire Melamed, Kate Higgins and Andy Sumner, ODI Economic growth and the MDGs (Briefing Paper 60, June 2010)

Richard McGregor The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers (Harper June 2010)

Amnesty International Amnesty International Annual report 2009

Africa Progress Panel Africa Progress Report 2010 (May 25, 2010)

ONE/DATA Data Report 2010 (May 25, 2010)

AfDB/OECD/UNECA African Economic Outlook 2010 (press release May 24, 2010)

AfDB, AUC, and UNECA African Statistical Yearbook 2010 (May 13, 2010)

AfDB The ADB Statistics Pocketbook 2010 (May 12, 2010)

AfDB Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries 2010 (May 12, 2010)

AfDB African Development Report 2008/2009 (May 10, 2010)

World Bank Global Monitoring Report 2010: The MDGs after the Crisis (May 2010)

Oxfam The Global Economic Crisis and Developing Countries (May 2010)

U.S. Department of State Advancing Freedom and Democracy Report, 2010 (May 2010)

UNDESA World Economic Situation And Prospects 2010: Update As Of Mid-2010 (May 2010)

UNCTAD Technology And Innovation Report 2010: Enhancing Food Security In Africa Through Science, Technology And Innovation (May 2010)

World Bank Yes Africa Can: Success Stories From A Dynamic Continent (May 2010)

UN DPI Africa Renewal Website (May 2010)

Linda Polman War Games: The Story of Aid and War in Modern Times (Apr 19, 2010). See also: Matthew Foley, ODI Aid and war: a response to Linda Polman's critique of humanitarianism [PDF](Opinions 144, May 2010)

ILO International labour migration. A rights-based approach (April 29 2010)

Minority Rights Group International Peoples under Threat 2010 (press release 1, press release 2 27 April 2010)

European Commission A twelve-point EU action plan in support of the Millennium Development Goals (April 21, 2010)

European Commission Tax and Development - Cooperating with Developing Countries on Promoting Good Governance in Tax Matters (April 21, 2010)

OECD Development Co-operation Report 2010 (news releases April 14, 2010)

World Bank World Development Indicators 2010 (April, 2010)

World Bank  Africa Development Indicators 2010: Silent and Lethal: How Quiet Corruption Undermines Africa's Development Efforts (April, 2010)

IMF World Economic Outlook (April 2010)

IMF Global Financial Stability Report (April 2010)

UNICEF Facts For Life (April 2010)

Linklaters Camfed Governance, Accounting to the Girl (Reuters Alernet story; April 2010)

Milo Vandemoortele, ODI The MDG fundamentals: improving equity for development(Briefing Paper 59, April 2010)

Paul Lettow, CFR Strengthening the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime (Council Special Report No. 54, April 2010)

European Commission The EU Role in Global Health (March 31, 2010)

European Commission Humanitarian Food Assistance (ECHO) (March 31, 2010)

ECA, AU Economic Report on Africa 2010 ( press release, March 30, 2010)

Nancy Birdsall and William D. Savedoff, Cash on Delivery: A New Approach to Foreign Aid (Mar 16, 2010)

AfDB Africa Achieves (March 12, 2010)

Bronwyn E. Bruton, CFR Somalia: A New Approach (Council Special Report No. 52, March 2010)

European Commission The fight against the illicit accumulation and trafficking of firearms in Africa (March 2010; more information)

UN Regional Commissions Improving Global Road Safety (March, 2010)

WHO, UNICEF Progress On Sanitation And Drinking Water: 2010 Update (March 2010)

Helmut Reisen, OECD Global Development Outlook 2010 “Shifting Wealth” (February 18-19, 2010; interesting presentation)

FAO The State of Food and Agriculture 2010 (press release,  February 18, 2010)

UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review 2009/2010 Promoting Poles of Clean, Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries to Enhance Resilience to the Inter-related Economic, Food and Climate Crises (Press Information; February 8, 2010)

International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) The Military Balance 2010 (February 3, 2010)

International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) 2010 Chart of Armed Conflict (February 3, 2010)

AfDB, AU Oil and Gas in Africa (February 2, 2010)

John Gershman What to Read on Foreign Aid (Foreign Affairs February 2, 2010)

UNICEF Humanitarian Action Report 2010 (February, 2010)

World Bank Global Development Finance 2010: External Debt of Developing Countries (February 2010)

World Bank Global Economic Prospects 2010: Crisis, Finance and Growth (February 2010)

UNDP Beyond The Midpoint: Achieving The Millennium Development Goals (February 2010)

UNDESA Rethinking Poverty: Report On The World Social Situation 2010 (February 2010)

Transparency International Corruption and Gender in Service Delivery: The Unequal Impacts (February 2010)

Human Rights Watch World Report 2010 (News Release January 20, 2010)

Freedom House Freedom in the World 2010 (press release January 12, 2010)

ILO World of work report 2009. The global jobs crisis (January 11 2010

Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions 2010 (January 08, 2010)

Commission on Growth and Development Post-Crisis Growth in Developing Countries (World Bank, January, 2010)

UNU-WIDER The Triple Crisis and the Global Aid Architecture (Working Paper, January, 2010)

Edited by David Leary and Balakrishna Pisupati

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