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World and Media aims to make it easier for journalists to produce high quality and nuanced coverage of international development issues.


Due to repeated hacks on the website, and a funding shortfall, the old website has been replaced but the full functionality and prior service, including the diary have not yet been restored.


Who uses World and Media?

We have several hundred subscribers including:

– International media, including journalists, editors, photographers and producers working for the BBC, The Guardian, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, Al Araby, Sky News Arabia, IRIN, the BBC World Service, Independent Online (South Africa), The Nation (Kenya), The Express Tribune (Pakistan), New Age (Bangladesh), and Nouvel Horizon (Mali). Journalists from Uganda, the Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Malaysia, and St Lucia have also subscribed.

– Irish Journalists from RTÉ, Newstalk, The Irish Times, The Examiner, the Irish Mail on Sunday, the Irish Daily Star, InBusiness and other broadcast and press outlets have subscribed, as have many freelancers and film-makers. Well over 100 subscribers are working in the Irish media.

– Development professionals, academics, students and others interested in global development issues have also subscribed.

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What do journalists think of it?

Praise from journalists, producers and editors for the diary/ebulltin/website of World and Media or its predecessor, Connect-World:

“I think (worldandmedia.com)'s a really fantastic resource, and have found the newsletter incredibly useful for identifying upcoming stories and opportunities.”

“I generally get one or two stories from the eBulletin, so that is the value it has.”

“I often cut and paste sections about awards or websites which I think would be useful to work colleagues and friends.”

“Received the diary earlier this week. So glad I subscribed, it's really fantastic.”

“I like the new diary, lots of more info and reaches into every region too.”

“very useful - keep them coming...”

“very informative.”

“information packed and valuable. Please, keep them coming.”

“it lets stories stand on their merits. Stories are not oversold. They don't sound hyped or like PR -- that's the journalists job! Instead, they seem neutral.”

“Brief; good; can skim through; concise”

“a good overview of development issues”

“really good. I get a lot of use out of them.”

“Great. The choice of stories is interesting. It's great to have someone in Ireland doing this. The bulletin is a reminder that the website exists and a prompt to visit it.”

“your email puts journalists to shame, its so well researched and informative”

“a fantastic resource”

“a great resource and I've always looked forward to getting the newsletter.”

“a valuable source of news”

“very comprehensive & thought provoking”

“Good work with the website - it's a very useful resource.”

“a super resource to stay 'connected' to real world and bigger picture issues not often the focus of mainstream media”


About World and Media

worldandmedia.com and the ebulletin and twitter feed, draws on a wide range of high quality international, specialist and local sources to highlight important and neglected news stories.

On this site you will find:

  • World and Africa News - news and analysis drawing on international and local sources; RSS feeds
  • Media Diary - newsworthy events and awards and funding for journalists
  • Sources - news sources, including significant new publications with related press releases
  • Issues - background briefings on key development issues
  • Countries - profiles and reports, embassies and more country specifics
  • Contacts and Links 


Goals of the service:

  • To provides resources, leads and original angles to make it easier for journalists to cover development issues
  • To inform, enthuse, and inspire current and new generations of media professionals about development issues
  • To elucidate and highlight neglected big picture issues and crises
  • To promote balanced reporting of developing countries
  • To encourage reflection and debate within the media and among development professionals



Niamh Griffin
Senan Hogan
Joe Humphreys*
Rommel Caringa
Sally Hayden
Ruairi Kavanagh
Dianne Lowther
Dominic MacSorley
Paul O’Brien
Joseph O'Connor
David Ralph
Aoife Ruth 

*Also an advisor to worldandmedia.com



Frank Humphreys. Prior to setting up World and Media, Frank was the editor of Connect-World.net (see below).

At the University of Oxford, he studied economics for development as a Chevening Scholar and conducted research on conflict and on public policy. He lectured economics at the Royal Holloway, and at Odessa State University, Ukraine. He has also taught and conducted research in science and communications in Ireland, England and the United States.

A former senior analyst with National Economic Research Associates, he has worked for many years for both private sector and not-for-profit organisations.

He has illustrated a book and published the occasional article in The Irish Times, The Guardian and elsewhere. He has also made a number of radio appearances.

His proposal, while a student, that donations to development NGOs should be eligible for tax relief was adopted by an Irish political party as a manifesto commitment in 1992, and was enacted into law in 1995. 



We are very grateful to Connect-World for allowing a lot of its content to be updated and transferred to worldandmedia.com (which is a work in progress). Sincere thanks are due to to its former director, Katherine Meenan, and to its sponsors and board, for their contribution to Connect-World and for their encouragement of this new service. 

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